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DJ over a LIVE Band


While stalking the internet for possible venues to play, I came across one that was advertising this...

"LIVE music tonight by DJ Blabber Mouth" (I added Blabber Mouth )

What has happened to music nowadays? When has a DJ spinning CDs become a live music event?



Finally after two years, our new album is here! We had four full recording sessions, a dozen or so mixing sessions, mastering sessions, lots of hours with album layout, photo sessions...it was time consuming. Then there was the cost of licencing and production. I think it was well worth while, we finally have a product that best represents what this band is about. it was stressful to say the least in trying to get all of this together, and we are still not done!

Show Review


It takes courage to open an evening’s festivities at a music club with an entire set of material slated for upcoming album release. After all, longtime fans aren’t familiar with any of it. That didn’t deter the Rhythm Rockets at Katerina’s on West Irving Park Road from introducing their latest set list additions to a sizable crowd on Saturday evening. From the warm reception those relatively unfamiliar numbers received, the CD promises to sell well.

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